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Starnberg, April 2022

Arne W. Dirks to take over as new CEO of PARI Medical Holding GmbH

Change in leadership at PARI. Mr Arne W. Dirks will be taking over the lead of the PARI Medical Holding GmbH as of 1 April 2022, and as the new CEO he will manage the global and strategic direction of the PARI group.

Handshake - Dr. Zimmermann and Arne W. Dirks

After almost 30 years at PARI, Dr Johann Zimmermann will be leaving for a well-earned retirement. “I am pleased that the PARI group has found a young and yet very experienced pharma manager in Mr Dirks, who fits in very well with the existing management team and whose expertise will complement the team’s skill set. Mr Dirks identifies wholeheartedly with the values PARI embodies and will be guided by these in his daily actions and decisions. After more than 23 years as Managing Director, and 11 of these as CEO, I wanted to leave the PARI group in good hands. And I am convinced that with Mr Dirks, I have done just that”, explains Dr Zimmermann.

The graduate economist Arne W. Dirks joins PARI with 17 years of experience and professional expertise at the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. During this time, he spent 12 years abroad in a range of management functions. His most recent post has been as Executive Officer Vice President of the Respiratory & Immunology business in Japan.

“My goal is to work with the managing directors of the individual PARI companies to continue the global development of the PARI group with a boost of energy and knowhow”, explains Arne W. Dirks, full of enthusiasm for the task ahead. “The PARI group has a long history of success and is globally renowned for quality and performance. Internationally, the brand is very well-respected and trusted by doctors and patients alike. Our priority is to hold the brand’s position as a top player in the global nebuliser market among its partners, and to build on that success. Respiratory diseases are still growing in prevalence. Our mission is to improve the lives of those affected by respiratory diseases and those who provide care to them and to make life easier for them all. And this is a mission that will continue to drive us in the future.”

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About PARI

As a manufacturer of medical devices with a focus on inhalation devices, PARI is the market leader in Germany, having established itself over decades as a trusted brand among doctors, pharmacies and patients, while its success in the cystic fibrosis segment has positioned the company as world market leader.

PARI was founded in Wuppertal in 1906 and now has its headquarters in Starnberg. Always an independent and privately owned company, the PARI group is under the umbrella of PARI Medical Holding, with the CEO Arne Dirks and is organized into several subsidiaries.

  • PARI GmbH (Starnberg), Jürgen Müller
  • PARI Pharma GmbH (Gräfelfing), Dr. Stefan Seemann
  • PARItec GmbH (Weilheim), Jürgen Müller
  • PARI Respiratory Equipment Inc. (PRE), Richmond (Virginia), Geoff Hunziker

In addition, there are international branch offices and a worldwide distribution network.

With a workforce of about 600 and a management team that has been stable for many years, the company can look back on the history of more than 100 years in business. It is where tradition and innovation meet to deliver well thought-out and effective product lines with an excellent reputation. Clinically proven, tried and tested nebulisers and inhalation devices made in Germany with affirmed performance have been used in countless pivotal studies and have won over medical specialists and users for decades.

Among the most well-known products are the PARI BOY®, which is synonymous with inhalation therapy and, first introduced almost 50 years ago, is now on its 8th generation. And the eFlow®rapid nebuliser based on vibrating membrane technology that works hand-in-hand with countless drug-specific application options as a new treatment option in various respiratory diseases.


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