Inhalation solutions

One of the oldest and gentlest ways of treating respiratory diseases is to inhale saline solutions.

Whether sea air, salines or PARI nebulisers, inhaling healthy air and a healing salty mist soothes and protects your airways.

Saline solutions for nebuliser therapy are available in different concentrations:

  • Isotonic saline solutions with a salt content of 0.9% moisten the airways.
  • Hypertonic saline solutions with a salt content of 1% or higher loosen the mucus. The more hypertonic the saline solution, the stronger the effect.

If you have a hypersensitive bronchial system, consult your doctor or pharmacist before use.

MucoClear 6%

MucoClear Saline Solutions

Our hypertonic saline solutions with a high salt content can help to loosen mucus.

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PARI NaCl Inhalation Solution

PARI NaCl 0,9% Inhalation Solution

For cold infections or as a carrier solution.

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PARI BOY® Junior

The PARI BOY Junior – Has a variable droplet spectrum, designed for treating babies and toddlers.

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What to nebulise

Our saline solutions for inhalation devices are available with a range of salt contents from 0.9%, up to 3% or 6% – depending on the desired effect of the inhalation therapy.

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The original since 1968

The original since 1968

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Flexible and has a variable spectrum of droplet sizes for treating severe chronic respiratory conditions.

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