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We are your nebulizer partner

for drug-device combination development

We support pharmaceutical companies or startups in achieving their objectives – to develop and market efficient nebulized therapies.

As the nebulizer is an integral part of the aerosol therapy, we contribute by developing and manufacturing optimized membrane nebulizers based on eFlow® Technology platform. Such nebulizers are specifically tailored to certain drug formulations.

Our partners approach us because of our decades of experience in nebulizing drugs and drug-device combination development. Five marketed eFlow® Technology nebulizers and more than 25 ongoing development projects prove our reliability during the development phase as well as commercialization and afterwards.

Learn more on these pages about how we can help you. We look forward to hearing from you.

eFlow Integrated - our latest nebulizer platform

eFlow Integrated – integration


You don’t have to choose - the eFlow Integrated platform provides all decisive benefits for your clinical success.                                                                                                  

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eFlow Integrated


Dive into our brand-new breath-triggered eFlow® Integrated Nebulizer Platform which optimizes drug delivery with its innovative breath-guiding approach.

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eFlow Integrated


Learn in this article how the new eFlow Integrated Nebulizer and the PARI Breath Guide app can stimulate increased adherence and improved therapeutic outcome.

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Our offer to you

Watch this video to learn about our expertise in developing and manufacturing optimized membrane nebulizers.

eFlow Technology nebulizers with digital therapy management: The PARI Connect eco-system

eFlow Technology nebulizers with digital therapy management

Learn how the PARI Connect system supports patients with carefully considered device usability and digital therapy management solutions.

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Your innovative aerosol therapy – our drug-nebulizer expertise

YOUR innovative aerosol therapy – OUR drug-nebulizer expertise

Watch five short expert interviews containing all you need to know about our partnering approach for pharmaceutical companies.

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Developing new drug-nebulizer combination products

Developing new drug-nebulizer combination products

Learn more about the critical success factors and opportunities for bringing a new vibrating membrane nebulizer as a drug-device combination product to the market.

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Some facts about PARI and its partnering for pharmaceutical companies



At a glance – some facts about PARI and how we are able to contribute to your success with nebulized drugs.

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