Nebulisers and Year Packs


PARI has nebulisers specifically adapted for your needs. Moreover, you will be on the safe side with the Year Packs for once-a-year parts replacement.

Nebulisers from PARI

Each nozzle insert creates different droplet sizes.

A nebuliser turns medications and saline solutions into aerosols.

  • The larger aerosol droplets are used for treating the upper airways, such as the throat and pharynx, for example.
  • And the smallest aerosol droplets go deep into the lungs when inhaled.

Not only do the droplets have to be the right size so they are deposited in the right place, but they also need to be appropriate for the size of the patient’s airways, from babies to the elderly. PARI has tailored its nebulisers to your individual needs.



Nebulisers with individual droplet size for each indication.

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Why do some of the components of the inhalation device have to be replaced?

Like other plastic components, PARI nebulisers will experience some wear and tear due to frequent use and the hygienic preparation process. You can maintain your device’s effectiveness by replacing the following components annually:

  • PARI nebuliser,
  • connection tubing and
  • filter for PARI compressors.

With the convenient PARI Year Packs, you have all the parts in one set.


PARI Year Packs – To assure consistent high quality nebuliser performance

We recommend that you replace some of the parts of your inhalation device annually, which is why we offer our convenient Year Packs.

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PARI BOY® Junior

The PARI BOY Junior – Has a variable droplet spectrum, designed for treating babies and toddlers.

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The colours of the nozzle attachments

The nebuliser is the aerosol generator and is therefore the heart of the entire inhalation system. To ensure that the droplets reach to where they are needed, such as the sinuses or lungs, a specific aerosol has to be generated. Read more in our background knowledge on inhalation.

Read more in our background knowledge on inhalation


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Life with asthma

Find out more about asthma and how you can still have control over your life with this disease.

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Flexible and has a variable spectrum of droplet sizes for treating severe chronic respiratory conditions.

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