Post-translation experiences: My life with a donor lung

Mit einer Spenderlunge ändert sich das Leben radikal – hauptsächlich zum Guten. Es gibt aber auch Schattenseiten. Wie sich das Leben nach einer Lungentransplantation gestaltet, erzählt Reiner Heske im Interview.


Treatment and nebuliser therapy for COVID-19 in hospital. Interview with the Prof. Dr Kamin, Medical Director of the Hamm Lutheran Hospital

Hospitals across Germany are currently bracing for a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases. This is making patients with respiratory disease very nervous, regardless of their age. We discussed the current situation with Hospital Director Prof. Dr Kamin.


Waiting for a lung transplant: One CF patient’s experience

A Lung transplant can be a last-resort treatment option for cystic fibrosis patients who would otherwise die. In this interview, Reiner Heske talks about the time leading up to his transplant.

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