Fighting about inhalation therapy: Physiotherapist Rita Kieselmann talks about parent/child conflicts around daily respiratory therapy

When children need to use nebulisers regularly, this can be a source of frequent conflict in families. Respiratory physiotherapist Rita Kieselmann sees this regularly at her practice. She tries to help all involved.


5 common everyday problems COPD patients face and how to tackle them

COPD, commonly known as smoker’s cough, has a limiting effect on the lifestyle of sufferers. Here are five common problems COPD patients face and how they deal with them.


Bangers not necessary: 5 ideas for how to ring in the new year without fireworks

Fireworks, bangers, sparklers – really necessary on New Year’s Eve? Unfortunately, for many people with chronic respiratory diseases this is not an option. Here are five ideas for ringing in the new year with plenty of noise and sparkles, but no fireworks.

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