Long-COVID – effects on the lungs: A Discussion with the pneumologist Prof. Dr Rainald Fischer

Recovering from covid does not automatically mean that you are healthy again, as cases of long COVID have shown. One form of Long-COVID is lung problems. A discussion with the pneumologist Prof. Dr Rainald Fischer.


Long COVID: Lung exercises after coronavirus – a physiotherapist’s experiences & tips

After COVID-19, what breathing problems still linger? And how can I get my lungs back in shape after having the coronavirus? In this interview, respiratory physiotherapist Marlies Ziegler talks about her experiences with long COVID patients and gives some


Daily inhalation therapy? 5 tips for how to integrate inhalation therapy into your daily routine

Regardless of why you are doing inhalation therapy – a chronic disease or an acute respiratory infection – it is hard to find motivation every day to keep doing it. These 5 tips will help you find ways to stay motivated.

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