Positions that make it easier to breathe: How to sit or stand and what to do if you are short of breath or have a cough

Certain positions make it easier to breathe. This is especially helpful if you have acute shortness of breath – with or without an accompanying cough. We show you 5 positions that make it easier to breathe.

Biathlete Franziska Preuß: Inhalation is my trusty companion

Franziska Preuß is one of the most successful biathletes of recent years – and a PARI fan. She talks about her experience with inhalation and why it is very helpful for professional sport.

Treating sinusitis: What can you do if your sinuses are inflamed?

Having inflamed sinuses is usually a very unpleasant experience. We have put together a summary of things you can do against sinusitis and its symptoms.

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