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Starnberg, 8 January 2024

Anja Zschernig has been appointed as the new Chief Financial Officer of the PARI Group

Anja Zschernig has taken over the newly created role as CFO of the PARI Group on 1 January 2024, and has become a member of the management team of PARI Medical Holding GmbH.

Anja Zschernig is a graduate in business administration and brings with her many years of experience as a manager and CFO of several family-run companies.

Arne W. Dirks, CEO of the PARI Group, welcomes Anja Zschernig to the management team at the PARI Group: “We are delighted to have recruited Anja Zschernig to PARI, as she has a proven track record as a specialist in finance and IT. In this newly created position, with her expertise, she will play an important role in strategic decision-making that will shape the continued success of the PARI Group.”

Anja Zschernig herself stated: “I am looking forward to this new challenge and strive to ensure the continued and sustained growth of PARI, drawing on the many years of experience I have as a CFO”.

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Anja Zschernig has been appointed as the new Chief Financial Officer of the PARI Group

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As a manufacturer of medical devices with a focus on inhalation devices, PARI is the market leader in Germany, having established itself over decades as a trusted brand among doctors, pharmacies and patients, while its success in the cystic fibrosis segment has positioned the company as world market leader.

PARI was founded in Wuppertal in 1906 and now has its headquarters in Starnberg. Always an independent and privately owned company, the PARI Group is under the umbrella of PARI Medical Holding with CEO Arne W. Dirks and is organized into several subsidiaries.

  • PARI GmbH (Starnberg), Dr Frank Bredl
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  • PARItec GmbH (Weilheim), Jürgen Müller
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In addition, there are international branch offices and a worldwide distribution network.

With a workforce of around 750 and a management team that has been stable for many years, the company can look back on a history of more than 100 years in business. It is where tradition and innovation meet to deliver well thought-out and effective product lines with an excellent reputation. Clinically proven, tried and tested nebulisers and inhalation devices made in Germany with affirmed performance have been used in countless pivotal studies and have won over medical specialists and users for decades.

Among the most well-known products are the PARI BOY®, which is synonymous with inhalation therapy and has been on the market for over 50 years and is on its 8th generation, as well as the eFlow®rapid nebuliser based on vibrating membrane technology supplemented by a multitude of drug-specific applications in respiratory diseases.

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