SpiroSense Pro

Spirometry made easy

Obtaining a meaningful pulmonary function measurement in everyday practice is often a challenge. The SpiroSense®Pro is an intuitive, easy-to-use spirometer which provides you with optimal assistance.

  • Animation of the complete respiratory cycle (inhalation and exhalation) – particularly suitable for spirometry testing in children.
  • Automatic calibration and no warm-up period.
  • Accurate even at low flow rates through novel hot-wire technology1.
  • GDT [device data transfer] interface for incorporation into the practice management system (PMS).

1Friedrich P et al. Novel hot-wire based spirometry is highly accurate at low flow rates. CDBME 2018; 4(1): 513 – 515

Item No.: 120G1200

Technical data device

SensorPlanar heating anemometer
Resistance< 0,15 kPa/(l/s) at 14 l/s or lower
Database reference valuesIn accordance with the GLI reference values (Global Lung Function Initiative) for children aged 3 years and older2
Dimensions160 × 83 × 45 mm
Weight< 200 g
2Quanjer PH et al. Eur Respir J. 2012; 40:1324–1343.

Measurement range / Measurement accuracy

Flow10 – 840 l/min / < ±3% / 20 l/min
Volume0.1 – 9.9l / < ±3% / 0.05l