PARI PEP Systems

Time-saving combination of physio and nebuliser therapy.

PARI PEP systems can be used as an adjunct to nebuilser therapy to alleviate symptoms such as coughing or shortness of breath.

  • Mobilises mucus and promotes coughing.
  • Stabilises the airways as exhalation resistance can be adjusted: counteracts bronchial collapse.
  • Pressure gauge for adjusting exhalation resistance and for monitoring during PEP therapy.
  • Can also be used in physiotherapy without a nebuliser.

Save time – with a combination of physiotherapy and nebuliser therapy.



Efficiently loosens bronchial mucus and strengthens the airways. The PARI O-PEP is the therapy device for effectively loosening mucus. It can be used repeatedly throughout the day.

  • Comfortable therapy through an oval mouthpiece
  • Reduces unproductive coughing and shortness of breath
  • Includes a small bag for hygienic storage and transport
  • Dishwasher safe and sterilisable up to 134 °C

Item No.: 018G5000



Instructions for use
018D5200-de-A 2020-03-02

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PARI O-PEP Hygiene

Instructions for use
018D5002-A 02/14

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Accessories and replacement parts for PARI PEP systems

Replacement parts: You can get all replacement parts from our respective local PARI representatives.

PARI MouthpieceItem No.: 012E1720
Nose clipItem No.: 041E3500
PARI PEP upper partItem No.: 018B1000
PARI PEP I lower partItem No.: 018E2100
PARI PEP II lower partItem No.: 018E2200



PARI PEP tubing adapterItem No.: 041G4580
Pressure gauge 0 – 100 mbarOrder No.: 018B1600
Pressure tubing f/–Item No.: 041B4590
PARI PEP S inspiratory valveItem No.: 018B4020
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