Our inhalation devices provide an effective and gentle way of treating respiratory diseases.

Inhalation therapy

We have many years of expertise in inhalation therapy. Inhalation devices transport saline solutions and medications into the airways.

Our respiratory devices provide an effective and gentle way of treating respiratory diseases.

Our mission: Improving the lives of those affected by respiratory diseases.

  • We are specialists in effective inhalation therapy.
  • Nebulisers can be used for the treatment of cystic fibrosis, asthma, chronic bronchitis, sinusitis and other conditions.
  • In addition to inhaling beneficial saline solutions, you can also inhale medications.
  • Inhaling saline solutions is also a gentle and effective way to treat colds.
Indications for inhalation

Why inhalation therapy

Inhalation therapy is used for the effective treatment of respiratory diseases.

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PARI has been honoured as the “brand of the century” for the fourth time in a row.

PARI – The name has been synonymous with inhalation therapy for many decades.

Particularly in the inhalation device segment, PARI has been the trusted brand for doctors, pharmacists and patients for many years. As the market leader in Germany and the global market leader in the segment of inhalation devices for cystic fibrosis, PARI has been honoured as the “best brand of the Year” 2020, 2021 and 2023 as well as German Brand Icon 2023.

Advantages of nebuliser therapy

This is how you combine physiotherapy with inhalation.

Advantages of nebuliser therapy

Advantages of nebuliser therapy

Nebuliser therapy is fast and very easy to do. Combine respiratory physiotherapy and save time.

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Metered-dose inhalers, powder inhalers and nebuliser systems.

The systems, which have different methods of administration, indications and modes of action, are recommended for inhalation therapy based on the disease, the age of the patient and the patient’s needs.

  • One of the advantages of PARI jet nebulisers and membrane nebulisers is that they can be used for medications only available for aerosol use, as well as for saline solutions.
  • For sprays, we recommend a holding chamber or spacer to minimise side effects in the mouth and throat as much as possible.

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Not all nebulisers are of the same quality

Not all nebulisers are of the same quality

There are many parameters we can use to compare the quality of nebulisers.

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inhale properly

How to use a nebuliser

Using a nebuliser is easy: Sit comfotably and breathe in the aerosol calmly.

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Proven effect of inhalation therapy

Aerosol therapy is tried and tested and the effects of inhalation therapy have been proven in many studies.

Why droplet size is a key factor.

The device and nebuliser can generate aerosols with different droplet sizes.

  • To reach the throat, nose and larynx during inhalation, large droplet sizes are needed.
  • Small droplets are needed to treat the lungs.
  • The deeper the aerosol has to travel in the lungs, the smaller the droplets need to be.
  • To reach into the sinuses, a pulsating aerosol is required.
Background on inhalation

Background on inhalation therapy

Benefit from our experience. In over 110 years in business, we have gained comprehensive knowledge and expertise in aerosol therapy.

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Saline solutions and nebuliser devices for home use

PARI NaCl Inhalation Solution

PARI NaCl Inhalation Solution

Nebulising 0.9% isotonic saline solution is effective in preventing, managing and treating diseases of the airways, for any age group.

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PARI BOY Classic

The PARI BOY Classic

Do you need special assistance with your treatment and would you like to benefit from short inhalation times? The comprehensive configuration of the PARI BOY Classic makes it a resource that can be tailored to your respiratory therapy.


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PARI Product Guide

Finding the right device

Which device for which disease? Our product guide helps you find the right device for you, fast.

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