Mobile, with modern vibrating membrane technology – for particularly fast and quiet inhalation.

The VELOX® makes life easier by shortening inhalation times, thus allowing more freedom to enjoy life. Its ergonomic design and small number of components make it easy to use, whilst its extremely quiet operation guarantees discreet treatment. Optional battery operation enables maximum mobility, and the small size and light weight of the device make it ideal for use away from home.

  • Fast, efficient aerosol therapy due to high aerosol output with a high percentage of droplets that can enter the lungs.
  • Maximum mobility due to optional mains or battery operation and small size.
  • Simple handling due to ergonomic design, small number of parts and light weight
  • Discreet treatment due to extremely quiet operation.

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Item No.: 055G1001

All information about VELOX

Download: Instructions for use, product information

Instructions for use


Instructions for use
055D1001-C 05/17

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  • Multi-voltage AC power adaptor
  • Mouthpiece
  • VELOXcare device
  • Carry bag

Spare parts: All spare parts can be purchased from PARI Medical Ltd.

VELOX Aerosolcharacteristics

055D2000-A 02/2015

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Electromagnetic compatibility Guidance

Electromagnetic compatibility – Guidance and manufacturer‘s declaration IEC 60601-1-2: Edition 4.0; 2014-02

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Aerosol characteristics

Total Output Rate:497 mg/min
MMD:3.8 µm
Mass percentage below 5 µm:74 %

Measurement using laser diffraction (Helos SympaTec) at 23°C and 50% relative humidity. Nebulised medium: 0.9% NaCl (2.5ml).

Technical Data:

  • Power plug: 100 – 240 V/50 – 60 Hz (can be used with all mains voltages worldwide)
  • Battery power: 3 x 1.5 V Mignon AA LR6/Alkaline Batterien oder 3 x 1,2 V NiMH Akkus (mains-free operation with batteries/rechargeable batteries)
  • The device does not have a charging function.
  • Operating time on battery power: With new, high-power batteries from a trusted brand, the operating time is approx.. 4 hours. New rechargeable batteries (AA), each with 2000 mAh energy storage capacity, achieve comparable operating times.

Warranty: Control unit 2 years

Dimensions / Weight
W x H x D:  18,73 x 9,17 x 6,06 cm

The VELOX consists of the membrane nebuliser, the control unit and the mouthpiece. The package also includes a multi-voltage power plug, a handy carrying case and the VELOXcare (cleaning aid for the membrane nebuliser).

    VELOXcare membrane nebuliser cleaning aid – for safe treatment.

    • The VELOXcare cleaning aid helps to maintain the efficiency of the VELOX. It provides a simple solution for rinsing and unblocking the membrane pores
    • With regular use, VELOXcare helps to maintain consistently short treatment times.

    PARI Year Packs

    For annual replacement of the nebuliser chamber, connection tubing and compressor air filter.

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