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eFlow®rapid nebuliser system

eFlow®nebuliser system

Modern inhalation treatment – twice as fast!

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PARI BOY Classic

PARI BOY® Classic

The PARI BOY Classic – The all-rounder for acute and chronic respiratory diseases starting at age 4.

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Since 1968, the products in the PARI BOY family have been continuously developed and improved in order to benefit patients. The advantages of our compressor devices are:

  • Speed: The short treatment times save you valuable time.
  • Clinically tested: The performance of the PARI LC SPRINT Nebuliser has been tested in over 50 scientific studies.
  • Spot-on Therapy: PIF control for improved nebuliser technique gets the medicine to where it is needed.
  • Application: Suitable for all medications approved for nebulising, including saline solutions used for moistening the airways or loosening mucus.
  • Reliable: With production in Germany, you can rest assured that every nebuliser is subject to 100% quality control.
  • Long lifespan: The compressor is guaranteed for 4 years.


Proven effective in the treatment of lung diseases.

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PARI PEP Systems

Time-saving combination of physiotherapy and nebuliser therapy.

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The original since 1968

The original since 1968

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Mouthpiece or mask

Soft nebuliser masks make it possible to treat even the tiniest patients.

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PARI Year Packs

For annual replacement of the nebuliser chamber, connection tubing and compressor air filter.

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