PARI LC PLUS® Nebuliser

Tested and proven in many clinical trials.

The efficacy of the PARI LC PLUS nebuliser has been proven in countless studies. It has been considered the “GOLD Standard” in nebuliser therapy for many years for the treatment of diseases such as asthma, COPD and bronchitis. Its integrated valve system minimises drug loss when you exhale. You can use the PARI LC PLUS nebuliser with all PARI compressors. When used with the PARI PEP S systems you can combine nebuliser therapy with respiratory physiotherapy to save time.

PARI LC PLUS Nebuliser

PARI LC PLUS Nebuliser

For treating the airways in adults and children aged 4 and over.

Jet nebuliser with valve system, universal mouthpiece and connection tubing. Quick and easy to set up and provides hygienic safety – only consists of a few individual parts.

Item No.: 022G8100

Aerosol characteristics

PARI LC PLUS Nebuliser in combination with the PARI COMPACT2 Compressor.

Respirable Drug Delivery Rate64 µl/min
MMAD:4.5 µm
Mass fraction < 5 µm:53 %


PARI LC PLUS Nebuliser

Instructions for use

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PARI LC PLUS Filter Nebuliser

PARI LC PLUS Filter Nebuliser

The PARI LC PLUS is a highly efficient nebuliser chamber which has been used in many clinical trials and is endorsed in the SmPCs of major respiratory drug companies. Consists of the PARI LC PLUS and Filter Valve Set. Can be used to prevent exhaled aerosol getting into the room air.

Item No.: 022G8200

Aerosol characteristics

PARI LC PLUS Nebuliser in combination with the PARI COMPACT Compressor.

Total Output Rate:418 mg/min
MMD:3.9 µm
Mass percentage below 5 µm:64 %


PARI LC PLUS Nebuliser

Instructions for use

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PARI Filter Valve Set

Instructions for use

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Pulsating aerosol for the treatment of sinusitis.


The colours of the nozzle attachments

The nebuliser chamber is the aerosol generator and therefore the heart of the entire system. To ensure that the droplets get to where they are needed, e.g. the central part or the outer parts of the lung, aerosols with different sized droplets must be generated.

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