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PARI is a specialist in effective inhalation. Our Customer Service is there for you – We have branches worldwide and a network of distributors and service partners.

PARI has branches worldwide and a network of distributors and service partners.

PARI has its headquarters in Upper Bavaria in Germany, and branches worldwide

To be able to offer you even better service, we work with our partners around the world, where you can buy our devices or use the technical service.

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  • Our service is there for you - Tips on hygienic processing at home or in the hospital.
Hygiene and maintenance

Where to buy a PARI device

Contact our branches to find out where to buy our products.

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Hygiene and maintenance

The inhalation of medications is currently the standard of care for chronic respiratory diseases. So that you and your patients can benefit from inhalation therapy that is efficient and perfectly hygienic in the long-term, we recommend that you pay special attention to several points with respect to the hygienic preparation of nebulisers.

Hygienic processing at home

Clean your equipment correctly and replace the parts regularly. Tips for maintaining the efficiency of your at-home treatments.

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Strict rules for hygienic processing

The use of our nebulisers in hospitals and medical practices is subject to stricter hygiene regulations than when used at home.

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Product guide

Product guide

Use our interactive product advisor to select the right inhaler for your application.

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Spare Part Finder

Spare Part Finder

You are looking for a spare part for your PARI inhaler. With our spare parts finder you will find exactly the right one.

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Frequently asked Questions

  • Will PARI take back my old battery?

As a producer of lithium ion batteries, under the Waste Batteries & Accumulators Regulations 2009 PARI Medical Ltd are obliged to take back any waste batteries supplied to an end user, for treatment and recycling. If any of our customers require us to take back batteries, they should contact us on 01932 341122 to advise they will be sending batteries to us. We will arrange for the proper treatment and recycling of the waste batteries.

  • Will PARI take back my old nebuliser machine?

We comply with the Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2013 (WEEE Registration No. WEE/HK0060TU).  For products capable of use in a domestic environment, we are obliged to ‘take back’ a waste nebuliser machine for treatment and environmentally sound disposal. The equipment must be (a) of an equivalent type to and (b) fulfilling the same function as the supplied equipment. If you are an end user customer and require us to take back a machine, please contact us on 01932 341122. We can then agree the necessary arrangements for the proper treatment and environmentally sound disposal of the waste electrical device(s).

  • How often must the compressor air filter be replaced?

After 200 operating hours or at least once a year. You should check the filter for contamination regularly and replace it sooner if necessary. The instructions for use contain a detailed description of this procedure.

  • Is it normal for the connection tubing on the device to become very warm, even hot?

Yes, compressing air makes it hot so all nebuliser compressors will generate a certain amount of heat during normal use.

The currently applicable standard DIN EN 60601-1 Part 1 for medical electrical equipment defines requirements regarding maximum permissible temperatures for electrically powered medical products. The corresponding tests on our devices were conducted by an external, accredited test laboratory.

All of our compressors meet the specifications of the standard cited above.

  • What must I do if my nebuliser does not generate an aerosol any more?

For a nebuliser with a nozzle (i.e. non-mesh nebuliser) this may be due to any of the following:

  1. Is the nozzle insert in the nebuliser missing?
  2. The nozzle may be blocked. Please check the nozzle first. It often helps to clear the nozzle by boiling the nebuliser. See instructions for use.
  3. Is there enough medication in the nebuliser? Make sure that the medication in the nebuliser reaches the fill mark. Minimum: 2ml, Maximum: 8ml.
  • What should I do if I want my device to be inspected/assessed?

Please call us on 01932 341122 and arrange to return it to us at the following address:

Attn: Service Department
PARI Medical Ltd
Unit 8 Oyster Park
109 Chertsey Road
West Byfleet
Surrey KT14 7AX



Nebulisers with specific aerosol droplet size.

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How to use a nebuliser

Using a nebuliser is easy: Sit upright in front of the device, but make sure you are still comfortable and relaxed. Now switch on the device and take calm breaths.

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PARI Year Packs

For annual replacement of the nebuliser chamber, .....

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PARI BOY® Classic

The all-rounder for acute and chronic respiratory diseases starting at age 4

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MucoClear Inhalation Solution

MucoClear Inhalation Solutions

Hypertonic inhalation solutions with a high salt content can loosen mucus.

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