Hygienic processing at hospitals and medical practices

Hygienic processing at hospitals and medical practices

Everything you need to know about reprocessing.

Strict rules for hygienic processing

The use of our devices at hospitals and medical practices is subject to stricter hygiene regulations than when used at home. Because the systems are used for different patients the following applies:

  • Basically, the equipment must undergo hygienic processing in accordance with validated procedures after every use.
  • This means you must clean, disinfect and sterilise the nebuliser before it is used by another patient.

Cleaning. Disinfection. Sterilisation.

Adhering to a specific sequence of processing steps is particularly important in order to attain the high level of sterilisation safety required of sterile products.

  1. Cleaning
  2. Disinfection
  3. Sterilisation

You will attain the high level of sterilisation safety if you follow all the steps using efficient, validated procedures.

When you should clean, disinfect and sterilise our equipment

Cleaning and disinfection should be performed immediately after use. Put the completely disassembled nebuliser into an instrument washing machine on the 93 °C setting or place it in a cleaning and disinfecting solution. 

After cleaning and disinfection, the nebuliser components must be put into a sterilisation pack that is appropriate for steam sterilisation and sterilised at 121 °C (up to 20 min.) or 134 °C (up to 7 min.). 

The sterilised nebuliser must be stored in a dry, dust-free place away from sources of contamination. 


All manuals for correctly processing your PARI products


Instructions for use023D1036-M 01/15

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Instructions for use055D1001-C 05/17

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Instruction for use023D1001-M 02/15

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Instructions for use018D5200-de-A 2020-03-02

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Hygienic processing at hospitals and medical practices

Hygienic processing

The use of nebulisers in hospitals and medical practices is subject to strict hygiene regulations.

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