Hygienic processing at home

Hygienic processing at home

Clean your equipment correctly and replace components regularly. Tips to maintain your therapy efficiency.

From cleaning to maintenance

Successful inhalation therapy also involves cleaning, disinfection and replacing some of the components at regular intervals. We have compiled some tips here on the following topics:  

  • How to correctly process your nebuliser at home.
  • Which components you should replace regularly and why.

Processing nebulisers used for home therapy.

Reinigung – nach jedem Gebrauch Vernebler zerlegen. In warmem Leitungswasser und Spülmittel reinigen. Einzelteile gründlich unter fließendem Wasser nachspülen.

Clean your nebuliser after every use. To do this, dismantle the nebuliser into its individual parts and clean using warm tap water and dishwashing liquid. All parts must then be thoroughly rinsed under running water. 

Desinfektion – einmal täglich in einer ausreichenden Menge kochenden Wassers (5 Min.), oder in einem Desinfektionsgerät (z. B. für Babyflaschen)

Disinfect your nebuliser once a day. To do this, immerse it in plenty of boiling water for at least 5 minutes. Alternatively, you can disinfect the nebuliser for at least 6 minutes in a commercially available steriliser, for example for baby bottles.


After cleaning and/or disinfection, place the parts of your nebuliser on a dry, lint-free cloth to dry.


Aufbewahrung – Teile an einem trockenen, staubfreien Ort aufbewahren.

Where can you best store your nebuliser until your next inhalation therapy? We recommend storing all of the parts in a dry, dust-free environment.


Wartung: mind. 1x pro Jahr – Luftfilter, Vernebler und Anschlussschlauch wechseln (PARI Year Packs). Bei nicht reinigbarer Verschmutzung oder Beschädigung gegebenenfalls früher erneuern.

You should replace the nebuliser, the connection tube and the air filter at least once a year. The practical  PARI Year Packs are available for this. They should be replaced sooner if there is soiling that cannot be cleaned or they are damaged.

Please follow the instructions for use

Please always follow the instructions for use which come with the nebuliser and the compressor, and contain detailed information. If you lose them, you can download the instructions for use for your device from the respective product page in our product section. Alternatively, you can order the instructions for use at no charge from our Service Centre on telephone number: +44 (0) 1932 341122


The Instructions For Use show how to reprocess your PARI product

Sistema eFlow rapid

Instrucciones de uso 178D1007-C-04/18

19.18 MB Download PDF


Instructions for use018D4000-D-11/15

237 KB Download PDF


Instruction for use023D1001-M 02/15

608 KB Download PDF


Instructions for use018D5200-de-A 2020-03-02

601 KB Download PDF
PARI Year Packs – the annual replacement set

PARI Year Packs – the annual replacement set

Use PARI Year Packs to ensure that your inhalation treatment remains effective and to ensure safe hygiene. The PARI Year Packs grow with you so you always have the age-appropriate equipment for your nebuliser device. The PARI Year Pack can also take care of the inhalation needs of all other family members. Because mum, dad or siblings should each use their own nebuliser.

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Nebulisers with specific aerosol droplet size.

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The colours of the nozzle attachments

The nebuliser chamber is the aerosol generator and therefore the heart of the entire system. To ensure that the droplets get to where they are needed, e.g. the central part or the outer parts of the lung, aerosols with different sized droplets must be generated.

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PARI Product Guide

Product guide

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Mouthpiece or mask

Soft nebuliser masks make it possible to treat even the tiniest patients.

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PARI BOY Classic

PARI BOY® Classic

The all-rounder which can be adapted to treat any condition or age.

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