VORTEX® with child mask Frog, 2–4 years

Good visibility of the expiratory valve
Because the expiratory valves are clearly visible, you can easily observe and count the breaths. Children older than 18 months should inhale 2 to 4 times.

Item No.: 051G5040

Child mask Frog
The green mask is designed especially for children and the soft material clings well to the face, which contributes to efficient inhalation therapy.

VORTEX grows with your child
If the child is old enough, you can simply remove the child mask Frog and allow the child to inhale through the mouthpiece.


Instruction for use

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VORTEX Baby Mask Ladybug

VORTEX baby mask Ladybug

Item No.: 041G0712

VORTEX Child Mask Frog

VORTEX child mask Frog

Item No.: 041G0714