Chronic sinusitis – how you as a patient can help your treatment

An acute sinus infection involves a blocked nose, limited sense of smell, headache and a sore face. Typical symptoms are a sense of pressure in the areas affected and mucus running down the back of the throat. Usually acute sinusitis resolves after about two to three weeks. If symptoms persist for longer than twelve weeks, this is referred to as chronic sinusitis. Women are more often affected than men.

Talk to your doctor

Explain the symptoms in detail to your doctor. The more they know, the more targeted the treatment they can give you for your chronic sinusitis. Your doctor can also tell you what you yourself can do to actively help. In the discussion, your doctor will try to identify the possible causes for the disease or rule out certain causes. 

Possible causes

The most common causes of acute sinusitis are colds and flu. The development of a chronic disease depends on various factors. It can be encouraged by allergic rhinitis, for example. Dental problems can also mean that pathogens in the upper jaw can enter the nearby sinuses.

Pre-existing conditions and impaired immune system

Existing respiratory diseases such as COPD and asthma can encourage the development of chronic sinusitis. The same applies to impaired immune defences, germs or nasal polyps. Medication intolerances are another possible cause. Individual anatomical differences can also encourage the development of chronic sinusitis or can prevent them from resolving: these include nasal polyps, large nasal conchae or a curved nasal septum. They have a chronic impact on the ventilation of the sinuses and the flow of mucus.

Your options as a patient

Alongside the therapy provided by your doctor for chronic sinusitis, which also includes maxillary sinus infection and frontal sinus infection, you as a patient can help relieve your symptoms. Regular nasal rinsing with isotonic salt solutions helps to ease symptoms. PARI offers a comprehensive range of medical devices and inhalation devices for the care and therapy of the upper airways.



Pulsating aerosol for the treatment of sinusitis.


Advantages of nebuliser therapy

For asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis and chronic colds alike. Nebulising saline solutions or medication with a PARI nebuliser is an especially effective treatment for the airways.

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