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Inhalation is one of the oldest methods used to treat airway symptoms and diseases. Inhalation is especially useful for asthma because it allows the medication to be delivered directly into the lungs, to the “scene of the crime” itself. Inhalation therapy uses what are known as aerosols. This allows the medications to quickly enter the bronchial system, where they can act on-the-spot. 

Proven for asthma

For decades PARI has been focused on inhalation with passion and dedication. Our tried and tested products are designed to suit the specific needs of asthma therapy. Our nebulisers generate very small aerosol drops, and various medications can be combined within the inhalation.

PARI BOY Classic

PARI BOY® Classic

The PARI BOY Classic – The all-rounder for acute and chronic respiratory diseases starting at age 4

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Advantages of nebuliser therapy

For asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis and chronic colds alike. Nebulising saline solutions or medication with a PARI nebuliser is an especially effective treatment for the airways.

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PARI Product Guide

Product guide

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PARI NaCl Inhalation Solution

Bring soothing sea air into your living room. Thanks to modern inhalation devices and saline solutions from PARI.

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PARI Year Packs

For annual replacement of the nebuliser chamber, connection tubing and compressor air filter.

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