Research & Development

Innovations for the airways

Goal: Successful treatment outcomes and user-friendliness

The research and development goal at PARI is to provide optimised solutions for the prevention and therapy of respiratory diseases, for a variety of requirements. The focus is the best possible therapeutic success, without compromising on the user-friendliness of our products.

Core competencies for optimised aerosol therapy

A therapy can only be successful if the right amount of a therapeutic substance can get to the right place in the respiratory tract. So we can ensure that this happens, Research & Development at PARI GmbH has built up a substantial knowledge base about the physical processes that occur during nebulisation of substances to form therapeutically effective aerosols. This expertise is complemented by a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms which lead to the successful dispersal of these substances in the respiratory tract. This is why the focus of our work is not only on technologies for nebulising medications, but also on new developments in the field of “connected health”, the nexus between diagnostics, therapy, monitoring and user experience.

User Acceptance: the basis for successful treatment

We are committed to meet the needs of patients with a therapy as comfortable, safe and efficient as possible. This includes, for example, short inhalation times associated with the economical use of medications, or a product which is easy and comfortable to use with minimal patient effort. Reducing the frequency of use, as well as freedom and quality of life despite having a respiratory disease, are also top priorities for our innovations and inventions.

PARI: A Partner for many studies

The success of this approach has been confirmed by the frequent use of PARI products with medications undergoing trials for example. They are also frequently used in scientific publications, for new drug & device solutions and feature inproduct awards. This is in addition to high patient satisfaction ratings.

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