Nebuliser systems for the lungs

Nebuliser systems for the lungs

A nebuliser delivers medicine or other active agents, such as saline solutions, directly to the respiratory tract. This page explains what a nebuliser is, what kind of nebulisers exist and who can benefit most from using a nebuliser. You will also find out what to look for when choosing a nebuliser for treating the lungs.

What is a nebuliser and what is it used for?  

Nebulisers are devices that generate a fine mist from a chosen inhalation solution. Depending on the treatment goal, the inhalation solutions can for example be prescribed medicines or saline solutions. In fact the nebuliser is just one part of a system thus the correct term would be nebuliser system or nebuliser machine.

Nebulisers are used for a variety of respiratory conditions such as COPD, asthma, cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis and infections of the upper and lower respiratory tract.

A Nebuliser is actually a system consisting of different parts

Jet Nebuliser System

Jet Nebuliser System

Vibrating Mesh Nebuliser System

Vibrating Mesh Nebuliser System

Different kinds of nebulisers

There are different kinds of nebulisers and all of them have their pros and cons:

Jet Nebulisers
very versatile: can deliver all medications that are available for nebulisation
+ possibility to combine drug nebulisation with physiotherapy (e.g. with PARI PEP system)
+ PARI compressors are very durable
+ very easy to use
- louder than ultrasonic and vibrating mesh nebulisers
- not portable – need to be plugged in.

Ultrasonic Nebulisers
silent use
- not as versatile as jet nebulisers because ultrasonic nebulisers can damage some medicines.
- not portable – need to be plugged in.

Vibrating Mesh Nebulisers
+ some are extremely fast (e.g. PARI VELOX)
+ portable: small and work on batteries or mains power supply.
- high quality ones such as eFlow®rapid are more expensive than jet nebuliser systems.

What is the difference between a nebuliser and an inhaler

Inhalers usually come in the form of dry powder inhalers (DPI) or metered dose inhalers (MDI). Those inhalers usually contain a fixed prescribed medication or a combination of medications for a certain respiratory condition.

People often use them incorrectly, so you should be trained on how to use them effectively by your doctor or nurse to get your inhaler technique right.

Advantages of using a nebuliser

Who benefits most from a nebuliser when treating respiratory conditions of the lungs

Looking at the advantages above, it seems obvious that children and elderly patients benefit most from using a nebuliser. They usually have problems with performing the breathing maneuvers required for DPIs or MDIs, and they often don´t have the coordination needed to use a spray correctly.

In general, everybody can benefit from the various positive effects of saline nebulisation that are only possible with a nebuliser.

Key factors to look for when choosing a nebuliser

All nebulisers generate a fine mist and they all seem to do the same thing. However, there are major differences and therefore there are some important features to look for in a good nebuliser:

  • Particle size: the aerosol particles have to be small enough to enter the lungs (generally below 5 µm)
  • Time needed to deliver the fine particles to the lungs
  • A tool that ensures a relaxed and normal breathing can be helpful e. g. PARI PIF Control

Nebuliser efficiency: delivery of the fine particles to the lungs in a time as short as possible

The generated particles need to be very small to reach the lungs.If particles are smaller than 5 microns (NB, 1 micron is 1/1000th of a millimetre!) they are “respirable” meaning that they reach the right part of the lung to work. However, there is a tradeoff: the smaller the particles are the longer the treatments take.

Therefore you should look at the nebuliser efficiency which can be measured by the respirable drug delivery rate (RDDR). The higher the RDDR is, the less time it takes to deliver the medicine. PARI nebuliser systems have a very high RDDR.

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Why trust PARI Nebulisers?

  • PARI nebuliser systems are of the highest quality and extremely durable
  • Gold Standard: PARI nebulisers are the most often recommended nebulisers in the package inserts of medications
  • Highly efficient: PARI nebuliser systems deliver a high amount of active agent to the lungs in a short time – high RDDR

Where can I buy PARI Nebulisers on-line?

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