Biathlete Franziska Preuß: Inhalation is my trusty companion

Franziska Preuß is one of the most successful biathletes of recent years – and a great PARI fan. She has been doing biathlons since 2009 and has been a well-established member of the German team since the 2013/2014 season. The 28-year-old customs officer has won the German championship several times. Then she also won the European Championship with the relay team in 2013 and the World Championship in 2015. Last year she came third in the overall world cup. This year, she won the bronze medal in the relay team at the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

But how come a successful professional athlete uses inhalation therapy? We talked to Franziska Preuß about her experience with inhalation and why exactly this is a useful form of therapy for a professional athlete.

PARI Blog: How come a successful athlete like you uses inhalation therapy?

I have had recurrent sinus infections for some time now. Five years ago I even ended up having an operation on my sinuses. So I did some research into what my options are here. Our team doctor, Dr Bernd Wolfarth, then introduced me to inhalation therapy.

Since then, the PARI SINUS2 and the VELOX have been my trusty companions. Because with the unique PARI SINUS2 inhalation device, the inhalation solution actually reaches the sinuses. This means it can act precisely where it is needed for sinusitis. The VELOX is perfect for when you are out and about, thanks to its handy size and low weight.

PARI Blog: What do you use for inhalation?

I am now, of course, very sensitive as far as my sinuses and mucosal membranes are concerned. This is why I use inhalation therapy as soon as I notice that my mucosal membranes are getting dry. This helps me give them the best possible care and prevent inflammation. I also have a portable VELOX with me at all times during competitions, so that I can use the treatment prophylactically.

PARI Blog: How does inhalation therapy help you?

I am very impressed by the inhalation therapy. Firmly lodged mucus liquifies naturally. Especially in winter competitions the air is dry and this makes your mucosal membranes susceptible. Inhaling saline solution keeps them well-tended!

PARI Blog: What has been your experience with inhalation therapy? How do you rate inhalation therapy compared with other treatment methods? Especially in combination with professional sport?

In professional sport your health is everything. As soon as your body drops to 99% performance, this is an enormous hinderance. Most infections I get are in the ears, nose and throat area. This is why the PARI SINUS2 is perfect for me. The nebulised inhalation solution really reaches every millimetre of my sinuses. This means that the inhalation directly targets the source of the infection. Inhalation with saline solution also hardly has any side effects and does not contain any substances that are dubious for me as an athlete.

PARI Blog: What makes PARI stand out for you?

The whole package is just right: easy to use, reliable effect and well-designed inhalation solutions!

PARI Blog: Many thanks for the friendly chat and for your time.

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