Smoking Cessation

Numerous studies have shown that smoking is the main cause for developing COPD. About 90% of those affected by COPD currently smoke or have a smoking history. This is why giving up smoking is the first and most important step for all people with COPD.

Treatment goals for COPD

The goals of COPD therapy are to control the symptoms, avoid complications, reduce the frequency of attacks and slow down the progression of the disease. Improving lung function and physical performance to improve quality of life are also very important.

Treatments for COPD

Treatments for COPD include medications that open up the constricted airways and decrease inflammation in the lung. These medications can be delivered by a nebulizer, dry powder inhaler (DPI) or metered dose inhaler (MDI).

Treatments also focus on clearing the lungs of mucus, such as breathing exercises, or devices that make it easier to clear the mucus from the lungs.

PARI's Proven Track Record

PARI has been focused on providing innovative and efficient products for inhalation therapies for decades. Many pharmaceutical companies have used PARI nebulizers and compressors in their clinical trials. 
PARI has also brought a number of products to market that help treat people with COPD.

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