Traditional PEP Therapy or Combination PEP/ Nebulizer Therapy

Positive Expiratory Pressure device offers both traditional PEP therapy and combination PEP/Nebulizer therapy.

Adult and Pediatric Patients

What's Included
PEP Device and mouthpiece, Instructions for Use

Designed for use with the PARI LC PLUS® or LC Sprint®, combination therapy provides concurrent PEP therapy with clinically proven aerosol delivery. Shorter daily treatment regimens and clinically proven aerosol delivery helps to improve patient quality of life.

  • Eight resistance setting covers a large expiratory flow range that offers pressure of 10-20cm of H2O
  • Dishwasher safe and boilable
  • Used as conventional PEP therapy or in combination with PARI Nebulizers

Part Number: 018F63

NDC: 83490-0180-12

PARI PEP™ S Downloads

Instructions for use

PARI PEP™ S System

Instructions for use
English / Spanish / French

848.72 KB Download PDF

Instructions for use


Instructions for use
English / Spanish / French

141.12 KB Download PDF


LC PLUS® Reusable Nebulizer

LC PLUS® Reusable Nebulizer

Part Number: 022F81

NDC: 83490-0220-28

HCPCS Code: A7005

PARI LC Sprint® Reusable Nebulizer

LC Sprint® Reusable Nebulizer

Part Number: 023F35

NDC: 83490-0230-01

HCPCS Code: A7005

PARI LC® Star Reusable Nebulizer

LC STAR® Reusable Nebulizer

Part Number: 022F51

NDC: 83490-0220-82

HCPCS Code: A7005

PEP Monitor

PEP Monitor

Part Number: 044B4612