PARI reusable nebulizers are the foundation of our strong clinical legacy. Trusted by pharmaceutical companies in more clinical trials than any other brand, the PARI LC PLUS® and LC Sprint® reusable nebulizers combine small, consistent particles and fast treatments for targeted delivery to the lungs. With PARI nebulizers, patients of all ages are assured the most efficient aerosol therapy and to help improve quality of life.

Using a nebulizer – how long will my treatment take?

Nebulization time is different for each person and depends on several factors, such as a person's breathing pattern, the type of medication, and the amount of medication that needs to be nebulized.

For example, it will take longer to nebulize 4mL of solution than 2.5mL. Also, because PARI's nebulizers are "breath-enhanced" a person that has the ability to take deeper breaths or breathes at a faster rate may have a shorter nebulization time than a person that has slower or more shallow breathing.

PARI Nebulizer Comparison when used with a Vios Compressor (1.2bar)1

Tested with a 1.2 bar compressor. Measured with Malvern MasterSizer X at 50% relative humidity, 0.9% NaCl solution, inspiratory flow 20 liters/minute, continuous nebulization, 23° C, fill volume 2.5 ml.

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