PARI Bubbles™ Pediatric Aerosol Mask

Fun, Safe, Optimized Delivery of Aerosol

The PARI Bubbles™ pediatric mask is designed with Pro-Vent™ technology, aimed at delivering more medication while reducing facial and eye deposition.1

Pediatric Patients Ages 3+

What's Included
PARI Bubbles™ Pediatric Aerosol Mask, Elbow Adapter, Adjustable Strap, Instructions for Use


  • Front-load design directs aerosol towards patient’s mouth
  • Comfortable aerosol delivery with soft, flexible masks
  • Pediatric character design makes treatments fun for kids
  • Not made with Latex, not made with Phthalates

Part Number: 044F7254

HCPCS Code: A7015

Instructions for use

PARI Bubbles Pediatric Aerosol Mask

Instructions for use
English / Spanish / French

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Product information for users

PRO-Vent® Detail Sheet


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PARI Performance vs. Competition1

 PRO-Vent Mask vs. Bottom Load Mask

Key Findings:
A higher Inhaled Mass combined with lower facial and eye deposition gives patients increased drug delivery to the lungs with reduced exposure to the eyes and skin.

1 Facial and Ocular Deposition of Nebulized Budesonide. K. Harris, G. Smaldone. CHEST 2008; 133:482-488. Tables 2-4.