“Inhalation therapy protects my voice”: An interview with the aptly named singer, Leon Singer

Leon Singer is a professional singer and singing teacher. With the Audio Power Vocal School he gets aspiring singers stage-ready. He also regularly gives concerts – be it as a solo artist or as a frontman for various bands. His own music is a mixture of sounds from the 70s and modern rock and pop.

What exactly does a professional singer have to do with inhalation therapy? We talked to Leo Singer about his experience with inhalation therapy and why he recommends that his students regularly use an inhalation device.

PARI blog: You are a highly successful professional singer. What brought you to use inhalation therapy?

Leon Singer: : I was introduced to it by a former teacher. I was having severe problems with allergies and so she lent me her PARI BOY. It really helped, so I then went out and got my own inhalation device.

PARI blog: How do you use inhalation therapy? Does it help you in your daily routine at work?

Leon Singer: Yes, it does actually. Firstly, I use inhalation therapy to protect my voice. Because especially if you are a singer you should show your voice some TLC every now and then. And secondly, I use the inhalation device if I have a cold and during the pollen season.

PARI blog: You seem to be completely sold on the idea. What has been your experience with inhalation therapy?

Leon Singer: Only ever positive! In 2022 I was unlucky enough to be ill for three months on the trot. I got an infection that dragged on and so got onto my lungs. As well as the medication I had to take I used inhalation therapy to moisten my mucous membranes.

I tried a range of PARI products like different saline solutions. The urge to cough was calmed and my voice also felt better – it was really not in good form any more with all the coughing.

PARI blog: How do you rate inhalation therapy compared with other treatment methods?

Leon Singer: Before I take anything else, I first always try inhalation therapy. And so I always have the basics I need at home. I think it’s a singer thing (he laughs).

PARI blog: You mentioned that you tried out several PARI products when you had that cold. What is it about them that appeals to you?

Leon Singer: I have now tried many products, including products from other manufacturers. I personally find that PARI is just great and stands head and shoulders above the competition. I always have the VELOX in my stage suitcase, just in case I am hit by an allergy. As it is small and light it is ideal if you are out and about.

And as a vocal coach or singing teacher I recommend that my students always inhale if they are ill – or simply to give their voice some TLC. Because as a musician you have to look after your instrument.

PARI blog: Many thanks for taking the time to talk to us.


Leon Singer
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