What you need to know about protecting yourself from viral infections

Viral infections are on everyone’s mind right now. Official sites like the World Health Organisation (WHO) have all the essential information about protecting yourself from viral infections on their websites. The World Health Organization (WHO) is the most important international organization in the field of global health. As a specialized agency of the United Nations, WHO's goal is to promote universal health among people around the world and to achieve the best possible level of health for all. The fight against diseases, especially infectious diseases, plays a major role in this. 

In addition to taking proper precautions when coughing and sneezing, one of the most important things you can do is regular hand washing because hands are the most common way these germs are transmitted. Most of us will think “of course”, but few people know how to wash their hands correctly

The WHO has information on their website about how to wash your hands thoroughly.

Did you know that regularly moistening your airways can help prevent viral infections?

Our mucous membranes are the gateways to our respiratory tracts. Cold, wet weather and spending time in heated rooms dry out the mucous membranes. That makes them more susceptible to germs, which is why we get sick more often in the winter.

Good to know that our aiways have a natural self cleaning mechanism. The airways are covered with tiny hairs, called cilia, and a protective layer of mucus. Foreign bodies like viruses and bacteria get trapped on this protective layer. If mucous membranes get too dry, it is easier for foreign bodies to get through the protective film and make you sick.


Naturally prevent mucous membranes from drying out

We have known for centuries that salty air has a beneficial and soothing effect on the airways. It stimulates the airways’ natural self-cleaning mechanism and is a proven method of preventing the mucous membranes from drying out. Depending on how much salt there is, either the mucus is mobilised or the mucous membranes are moistened.

Inhaling inhalation solutions containing salt is a natural, gentle treatment option with few side effects, so it can be used by anyone from birth to old age.

The PARI motto: Don’t steam it – nebulise! When you put your face over a pot of boiling water, the salt stays in pot, instead of getting into your airways. Modern nebulisers can disperse the saline solution into a fine aerosol mist, which is transported deep into the respiratory tract. This gets it to where it can help the most.


Some years ago the pulmonologists at the German Respiratory Pneumologie Society affirmed the efficacy of daily inhalation treatment for reducing the risk of spreading infectious diseases. Ideally you should use saline solutions for inhalation with a modern nebuliser from PARI. For example, the PARI BOY.

The PARI NaCl 0,9% inhalation solution is suitable for protecting the mucous membranes. Find out more about other solutions.

We hope all our readers get through the cold season unscathed and will always be in good health!

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