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What can I inhale with the eFlow®rapid nebuliser system?

The eFlow®rapid nebuliser system is designed to administer solutions (such as formulations of colistimethate sodium or (hypertonic) saline solutions) or suspensions for a nebuliser that are approved for the treatment of diseases of the lower airways and for which there is no medication-specific nebuliser handset. More information

Please note any nebuliser restrictions listed in the package leaflet of the specific solution or suspension.

Can the eBase® Controller also be used with other nebuliser handsets?

The controller can be used along with the eFlow®rapid nebuliser handset and for medication-specific eFlow® Technology nebuliser handsets such as Tolero®, Zirela® or Altera®. Please take note of the instructions for use for the medication and nebuliser handset in question.

Can the inhalation time vary or take longer?

The inhalation time essentially depends on the medication/inhalation solution and the amount put into the nebuliser. It can become longer over the course of the treatment cycles. How can this happen? Conditions such as water quality or fine dust, for example, can impair the structures of the membrane. To ensure that the powerful technology of the eFlow®rapid nebuliser handset is always at peak performance it must be hygienically reprocessed as per the instructions for use. Consistent cleaning after every use mitigates membrane deterioration, allowing fast inhalation. Daily disinfection of the nebuliser handset and aerosol head also prevents pathogen contamination.

How often does the eFlow®rapid aerosol head have to be replaced?

Replace after 3 to 6 months (see also information from the previous question). Please note: If nebulisation time more than doubles, even after using the easycare cleaning aid, the aerosol head needs to be replaced.

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1 Short inhalation time* for more leisure time and better quality of life.
  *Buttini F et al. Int J Pharm 2016; 502(1-2):242-8