Hygiene & Cleaning

Are PARI products latex-free?

All of our products are latex-free.

How can the PEAK FLOW METER be cleaned?

The mouthpiece of the PEAK FLOW METER can be cleaned with warm tap water and a little washing up liquid. It must not be cleaned in the dishwasher or boiling water.

How do I clean my equipment at home?

Because rinsing only cleans the nebuliser, microorganisms are only eliminated if the nebuliser is disinfected by boiling. Please read our instructions for use on this subject.

How often must the filter be replaced?

After 200 operating hours or at least once a year. You should check the filter for contamination regularly and replace it sooner if necessary. The instructions for use contain a detailed description of this procedure.

Which chemical disinfectants do you recommend for my PARI nebuliser?

In the home, nebulisers and accessories (not the tubing) should only be disinfected by boiling or using a steam disinfector. There is no recommendation for chemical disinfectants in this situation.

Why should the accessories be replaced regularly?

The nebuliser, tube and filter are wearing parts. To ensure that the quality of the therapy remains consistent, these parts should be replaced once a year. For this, PARI offers the convenient Year Packs.