How to use a nebuliser – Using a nebuliser is easy

How to use a nebuliser

Achieve the best for your health. Useful tips on how to use a nebuliser at home.

Lean back and relax

Using a nebuliser is easy. All you have to do is ensure you are breathing calmly and are sitting comfortably.

  • The PIF-control system closes an inspiratory valve if you breathe in too quickly, and you can feel resistance.
  • How long treatment takes depends on several factors.
  • The pulsation helps the soothing “mist” to reach into the sinuses.

The principle of inhalation

When inhaling with a jet or membrane nebuliser, drugs or saline solution are transformed into a fine mist. These aerosols, e.g. made from saline solution, reach deep into the airways, unlike the method with a cooking pot, where the water just evaporates. The pulsation helps the soothing “mist” to reach even into the sinuses. Persistent mucous and coatings are moistened and are easier to transport out of the lungs and airways. Dried mucous and scabs are softened and detach.Especially for therapy with the PARI SINUS2 for the sinuses, circulation is also boosted with the pulsating bursts of pressure.

Inhaling properly with an inhalation device

When the inhalation device is assembled correctly and plugged into the mains, you can start with the inhalation. But have you washed your hands thoroughly to ensure they are free from germs and bacteria? Then you can fill the inhalation solution into the nebuliser. Position yourself upright in front of the inhalation device, but make sure you are still comfortable and relaxed. Now switch on the device. Firmly clamp the mouthpiece between your teeth and seal with your lips. You should check masks to ensure they are properly positioned, especially in children and the elderly. Now there is nothing to stop you inhaling properly.

The right breathing technique is what is important

If you use the compression jet nebuliser, such as the PARI BOY Pro, the aerosol flows from a mask or mouthpiece. If you want to use a nebuliser, you should take calm breaths. This way you can avoid droplets getting stuck in your throat. Tip: A brief breathing pause helps a good lung deposition. This is why nebulisers such as the PARI LC SPRINT have an integrated feedback system. The PIF-control system closes an inspiratory valve if you breathe in too quickly, and you can feel a slight resistance. This is a good sign to now breathe out and breathe in slower with the next breath.

Using a nebuliser – how long does it take?

It takes about five minutes to inhale 2.5 millilitres of inhalation solution properly with the PARI BOY Classic. However, the inhalation time essentially depends on a range of factors, such as the performance of the inhalation device, the nebuliser, the volume of solution you would like to inhale and your ability to take breaths.

Products that can be used for inhalation

Products that can be used for inhalation

Isotonic and hypertonic saline solutions are suitable for inhalation. Medications are also effectively inhaled.

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Using nebulisers with children

Using nebulisers with children

Using nebulisers with children requires time, a calm environment and sometimes even a soft toy. For the treatment to be successful, a positive experience is key.

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Nebulisers with specific aerosol droplet size.

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Indications for inhalation

From colds to severe respiratory diseases – nebuliser therapy is a gentle and effective treatment method. Nebuliser therapy is tried-and-tested for chronic respiratory diseases and is becoming an increasingly common treatment for colds.

More about the indications for nebuliser therapy

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Product guide

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