PARI Masks soft

The PARI Masks Soft are available in different sizes to meet the specific needs of children and adults:

  • PARI child mask soft “Spiggy”: Children aged 4 years and above
  • PARI adult mask soft: Adults:

The PARI mask softs are comfortable to wear thanks to a soft, blue rim which includes a patented inside lip. Together these enable a tight and comfortable fit of the mask to the patient’s face.

The PARI masks soft have an appropriate breathing resistance for the indicated age groups.

An exhalation valve which should be pushed out before using can be found in the bottom of both masks. The exhalation valve opens when exhalating to allow the exhaled air to escape from the mask. It is closed during inhalation to maximise drug delivery.

This makes the inhalation therapy safe and effective

The raw materials used to make the PARI masks soft are sourced to meet to demanding requirement that they meet all hygiene standards including boiling, disinfection and sterilisation.

Both masks come with an elastic band which can be attached to the openings on either side of the mask and then put round the patient’s head. for firm positioning.

  • PARI child mask soft in attractive “Spiggy” design for children
  • Patented inside lip to enable tight fit and comfort
  • Can be used with PARI LC SPRINT and PARI LC PLUS nebulisers.
  • Are easy to clean and can be disinfected and sterilised to ensure high hygiene standards. 
  • Made from materials which are safe and tested to the highest standards  
  • Made in Germany 

PARI child mask soft “Spiggy” (from age 4)

PARI child mask soft “Spiggy” (from age 4)

Item No.: 041G0741

PARI Adult Mask Soft

PARI Adult Mask Soft

Item No.: 041G0740