PARI UNIneb – The all-rounder for the treatment of patients in all age groups with acute and chronic diseases of the lower airways at home.

PARI UNIneb is the low cost inhalation device from PARI. The therapy efficiency of the PARI LC PLUS nebuliser with which it comes has been proven in numerous clinical studies.

  • Includes the clinically-proven PARI LC PLUS nebuliser – PARI LC PLUS Nebulisers have been used in clinical trials for a range of medications and are named in numerous patient information leaflets.
  • Comes with PARI masks soft for children and adults.
  • Robust and easy to operate.
  • PARI LC PLUS nebuliser is easy to clean and can be disinfected to ensure high hygiene standards.
  • PARI LC PLUS nebulisers are made from materials which are safe and tested to the highest standards.
  • Made in Germany.


  • PARI UNIneb compressor with attached power cable
  • PARI LC PLUS nebuliser
  • PARI child mask Soft
  • PARI adult mask Soft
  • Mouthpiece
  • Connection tubing
  • IFU

Item No.: 430G1026

What is the PARI UNIneb and how can it be used?

The all-rounder for the treatment of patients in all age groups with acute and chronic diseases of the lower airways at home.

Instructions for use

说明书 – 压缩雾化吸入机 PARI UNIneb

430D2100-zh-G 2024-01-22

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Instructions for use


电磁兼容性 – 指导和制造商声明 IEC 60601-1-2:版本 4.0;2014-02

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Quick Guide

用户指南 – 使用PARI LC PLUS® 进行雾化治疗 使用


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Aerosol characteristics

PARI UNIneb compressor in combination with PARI LC PLUS Nebuliser

Total Output Rate:418 mg/min
MMD:3.9 µm
Mass percentage below 5 µm:64 %

Measurement with the Malvern Mastersizer X at 23 °C, 50 % relative humidity, nebulised medium: 0.9 % NaCl (5 ml), inspiratory flow 12 l/min (measured with child's inspiratory flow).

What makes a nebuliser device efficient?
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Technical data for the compressor

Electrical connection:230V / 50Hz / 0,95 A
Case dimensions (W x H x D):18.5 x 13.0 x 15.0 cm
Weight:1.55 kg
Pressure:1.2 bar

PARI LC PLUS Nebuliser

PARI LC PLUS Nebuliser

Item No.: 022G8781

PARI Child Mask Soft

PARI child mask soft “Spiggy” (from age 4)

Item No.: 041G0741

Adult Mask Soft

PARI Adult Mask Soft

Item No.: 041G0740



Item No.: 018G4005

What is PARI PIF Control?
Training for effective inhalation

Slow inhalation promotes the deposition of the active ingredients in the lungs. To achieve the best possible inspiration for a high level of lung deposition,

PARI has developed a breath-sensing feedback system - the PIF Control System. 

  • PIF = Peak Inspiratory Flow
  • In the event of too rapid inhalation, the inspiratory valve shim closes the nebuliser chamber to a small opening.
  • You feel this as resistance - a sign to breathe out and inhale more slowly with the next breath. Until no more resistance can be felt.