Indications for inhalation

Indications for inhalation

Inhalation therapy is a tried-and-tested therapy for chronic respiratory diseases and is becoming an increasingly common treatment for colds.

With inhalation for your airways

The therapeutic uses of inhalation are varied and range from the prevention and treatment of colds to the treatment of severe respiratory diseases.

  • Inhalation with saline solutions regulates the moisture content of the airways and helps your lungs clean themselves.
  • Inhalation therapy is popular with people working in the speaking professions, with athletes and singers.
  • Therapy of cystic fibrosis, COPD, asthma, chronic bronchitis and sinusitis.

Working hard for your airways

One advantage of inhalation therapy with a nebuliser from PARI is that the saline solution or the medication can start working directly at the site of the illness because it doesn’t have to pass through the stomach. This is helpful: To prevent colds, or if you already have a cold, you can inhale an isotonic saline solution. The indications for inhalation are, however, varied. For example, in particular patients with serious diseases like cystic fibrosis, asthma, COPD, chronic bronchitis and sinusitis inhale saline solutions and medication solutions specifically prescribed by the doctor.

Inhalation – relief for the vocal cords

Have you ever experienced dry vocal cords? Dry vocal cords are an enormous problem, not only for patients with severe respiratory diseases. Teachers, singers, call centre staff, actors and trainers who all have to use their voices extensively at work often have scratchy voices, a dry cough and are more susceptible to colds. Inhalation therapy with an isotonic saline solution can help the vocal cords to recover and can prevent diseases. Isotonic saline solutions, also called physiological saline solutions, are designed to match the salt content of our bodily fluids. 

Inhalation - gaining popularity among parents with young children

Inhalation of isotonic and slightly hypertonic saline solutions (higher salt content) can be used even for infants and preschoolers. Because children get a lot of colds and coughs. Saline solutions soothe your child’s airways, cleanse and calm the mucous membranes and can, depending on the salt content, liquefy mucus and make it easier to expel. If your child has to inhale medications, only very small doses are needed compared to taking tablets because inhalation therapy acts locally and directly in the bronchial tubes. For the small airways of children, the small droplets, as produced, for example, by the PARI JuniorBOY with the PARI LC SPRINT Junior Nebuliser are especially beneficial for inhalation.


Advantages of nebuliser therapy

Inhalation is fast and very easy to do. Combine physiotherapy with inhalation and save time.

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Using nebulisers with children

Using nebulisers with children

Using nebulisers with children requires time, a calm environment and sometimes even a soft toy. For the treatment to be successful, a positive experience is key.

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Efficient nebuliser therapy for the treatment of diseases of the lower airways of babies and small children.

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How to use a nebuliser

Using a nebuliser is easy: Sit upright in front of the device, but make sure you are still comfortable and relaxed. Now switch on the device and take calm breaths.

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Product Guide

Product guide

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Mouthpiece or mask

Soft nebuliser masks make it possible to treat even the tiniest patients.

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The PARI BOY Pro – Flexible with a variable spectrum of droplet sizes for treating severe chronic respiratory conditions

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