Chronic bronchitis – how to improve your quality of life

Chronic bronchitis can have different forms and vary in severity. There are almost always options to slow down the advance of the disease and to improve your personal quality of life. What is important is that those affected know all about their illness. This way you can actively support successful treatment.

Avoiding harmful substances

Chronic bronchitis can develop into chronic obstructive lung disease. Giving up smoking altogether is the most important step to take: This is the only way to protect the airways from further damage. If giving up is difficult, nicotine patches or courses on giving up smoking may help.

Everyday measures: lung sport, for example

Targeted physical exercise increases general performance. Consult your doctor on what kind of sport is suitable. Lung sport groups, for example, offer systematically designed training programmes where many points are addressed, including relaxation techniques, endurance training, building up muscle and improving movement patterns and agility.

Breathing therapy to bring relief

Breathing therapy exercises can be very helpful if you have chronic obstructive bronchitis. Specialised physiotherapists teach postures and techniques like pursed-lip breathing that make it easier to breathe. If possible, these techniques are also practised under physical exertion.

Know more – respond properly

For those affected it is very important to be able to properly appraise their disease. In patient training they learn to recognise the signs of the disease and to assess if it is getting worse and to adjust their medication regimen accordingly. As well as giving up smoking, patient training teaches various coughing techniques (pulmonary hygiene) and methods to make it easier to breathe. Under expert guidance patients can, for example, learn relaxation techniques and how to perform postural drainage and percussion and vibration massage.

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Advantages of nebuliser therapy

For asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis and chronic colds alike. Inhalation of saline solutions or medication mixtures in a nebuliser combined with a PARI inhalation device is an especially effective treatment for the airways.

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