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Having it all – managing time and juggling commitments

Communicating, coordinating, prioritising, resolving conflicts – as a project manager who is a liaison among colleagues, external pharma companies and foreign partners, I can advocate for a genuinely useful, sustainable product. I manage projects from start to finish which offer me the opportunity to think outside the box, such as developing a nebuliser specifically for premature babies.

And I can do all that even though I am a mother of two young children – thanks to the flexible working hours model at PARI and the opportunity to work from my home office at times; I am able to balance my job and family very well.

Quality will prevail - but not of its own accord.

As part of PARI Medical Holding, it is our job as an internal service-provider to standardise and monitor processes at PARI's various sites in Germany.

To do this, we have to apply the often very abstract, theoretical and one-size-fits-all requirements arising from standards and legislation to the processes used by PARI. To meet these challenges, we are always working together with colleagues to come up with creative solutions and then convey them with sensitivity and willingness to compromise.

Anyone who does their work with enthusiasm and dedication has good prospects for advancement at PARI. After completing my degree in environmental engineering I started off as a validation specialist, became qualified to be an internal auditor and worked on acquiring leadership skills so that I have since been promoted to team leader. Who knows what the future will bring?

The art of being able to tell what is important and what is not.

One of the basic prerequisites for working in the Regulatory Affairs department is the ability to set and identify priorities, to know what should be done next.

In RegAff we oversee the licensing of medications and medical devices process from a regulatory point of view by creating the requisite documents and handling all communication with the authorities – a job with many different aspects and a great deal of responsibility!

My first responsibility at PARI was to develop the entire department and now I am the project manager for a wide range of medication developments. Aside from managing my excellent team, I enjoy the interaction with all my great colleagues. Because even when our schedules are packed and demanding job responsibilities require a lot of hard work and have a steep learning curve, the atmosphere here is generally quite laid back and relaxed.

Day-to-day business that is out of the ordinary.

Naturally, as a qualified assistant tax consultant, certified management accountant (IHK) and certified international management accountant (IHK), I pretty much know all there is to know on paper, but since PARI is a complex corporate group, this is a perfect environment for me and I am never bored here. I am always learning something new and there are opportunities for me to advance in the company.

After I started working at PARI, what surprised me most – in a good way – was the warm welcoming of new employees and the collegial, friendly atmosphere. Back then we had just switched our financial accounting software to SAP and since then have been in the process of enhancing and refining our processes. A challenge that PARI actively supports because the company encourages additional training. And as a result I am ready for the next steps in my career path.

Small is beautiful – technical challenges at PARI

I started working at PARI as an engineer developing microsystems after I completed a degree in optoelectronics with a focus on medical and environmental technology, followed by a masters in medical technology. It was a priority for me to work at a successful company where there was a lot of career development potential.

Despite being a multinational, PARI has preserved the structures of a smaller company, which are manifested through the diversity of the work and individual responsibility. Tinkering on technical problems, planning projects on my own, defining and achieving meaningful goals – that is what makes my job so interesting. I very much enjoy working in an excellent team and interacting with many great colleagues in the company. When everyone pulls their weight the results are amazing!

I was surprised by the size and variety.

I already did my apprenticeship here to become an IT specialist in system integration – in the dual system with six blocks of two weeks of vocational school. In between I did my work experience at PARI and during this time I got to know a very wide range of the activities that are carried out in the company.

PARI is larger than it first seems and it offers many opportunities for engagement. Today I am a systems administrator in the IT department and I really appreciate this variety. I support both the IT users in second-level support and the SAP systems. And since developments in IT are progressing so quickly, there are always interesting projects you can play a part in, from planning to coordination.

And thanks to my great colleagues, exciting work, flexible working hours and many opportunities for additional training, I am very happy here.

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