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What is it like to work for PARI? What exactly can you expect from us? What does PARI's slogan “Breathe Freely” mean to you personally? That is of course difficult to put into words – you have to experience it for yourself. But it is not until you work with colleagues day in, day out that you really discover the heart and soul of PARI: its staff. And this teamwork is full of exciting challenges. Because our mission is to improve the lives of those affected by respiratory diseases and those who provide care to them.

PARI's strength: We combine the benefits of a traditional medium-sized company with the complex operations of an internationally successful player. This means: fast decision-making, an open communications culture and an extremely caring and considerate atmosphere. This forms the basis for focused innovation and outstanding results at PARI.

What you can find here as well: We offer you the opportunity of putting your own ideas into practice. After all, every new suggestion might point the way towards our future. This is why we are open-minded about every personal opinion and will discuss every apparent brain wave frankly and honestly. And show our convictions by standing up straight and speaking unpleasant truths – if that is what it takes. Then we all pull together and are never short of breath until we achieve our goals.

At the same time the size of the company allows us to remain flexible, so offering you plenty of elbow-room, both in abstract and in more material terms. We demand a lot but offer encouragement, working together to move forward and growing through new ideas and topics. At PARI nothing happens in a vacuum: We are always aware of our responsibility to our customers and patients.

When working at PARI, you have to put your heart into it - it is not a place for airheads. Although we mainly deal with the lungs as a medical device and pharmaceutical company with a focus on research, it is still very important for us that you feel enthusiasm for your work. Only if you have a real enthusiasm for our vision will you fit in here. No matter what skills you have to offer (because of course that depends on the job in question), to feel comfortable here you will need to be a team player while being used to working very much on your own initiative. In other words, you are willing to take responsibility for your work and are self-motivated. It therefore goes without saying that if you are looking for your first job, you should have done relevant internships at the least. Because we fully admit that we like throwing talented staff in at the deep end to harden them up so they come out fighting strong.

And before we forget, you will not need to sneak around if you want to have a laugh. Because you will hear plenty of laughing in our offices, labs and factories. Or to put it another way, we take humour very seriously!

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