How do I inhale correctly?

Inhaling saline solutions to treat cold infections and diseases of the airways is a proven method for preventing and alleviating symptoms.However, the old home remedy of "inhaling over a saucepan" does not work for inhaling saline solutions. Similarly to a salt extraction plant, only water vapour is released, and the salt is deposited in the bottom of the pan. The desired effect is not achieved.On the other hand, modern inhalation devices can atomise the saline solution into tiny components, called the aerosol. This way, not only the water but the saline solution with all its constituents is nebulised and transported to where its effect is needed.

effektive Inhalation mit PARI - Vernebeln statt Verdampfen

So for best results, inhale saline solutions using a modern inhalation device such as PARI BOY or VELOX  for the lower airways and PARI SINUS to treat the paranasal sinuses.