The holding chamber VORTEX:

  • Facilitates the coordination of triggering the metered dose inhaler while simultaneously inhaling the medication
  • Helps to reduce undesired side effects caused by medication deposited in the mouth and throat. This is particularly important with cortisol containing medication.
  • Promotes the generation of smaller aerosol droplets. Bigger aerosol droplets that are prone to be deposited in the mouth and throat are being prevented.

The following short instruction of use illustrates how easy it is to use the VORTEX. Please refer to the instruction for usefor more detailed information.


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VORTEX Inhalation

Remove the sealing cap from the metered dose inhaler. Shake the MDI vigorously.

VORTEX Inhalation

Then insert the mouthpiece of the MDI into the blue connecting ring on the VORTEX. Now take the blue protective cap off the VORTEX.

VORTEX Inhalation

Place the VORTEX mouthpiece between your teeth and close your lips around it (alternatively place the mask over your face). With your finger, press the metered dose inhaler down once to release a puff of spray.

VORTEX Inhalation

Breathe in slowly and deeply. Hold your breath briefly and then breathe out again through the mouthpiece (or mask). The valves then open so that the exhalation phase can be detected more easily, when used by children, for example.

VORTEX Inhalation

Children younger than 18 months should inhale for 4 to 6 breaths, children older than 18 months should inhale for 2 to 4 breaths.

Use of the one-handed operation aid

With the one-handed operation aid, using the VORTEX is now even simpler: it makes holding and simultaneously triggering the metered dose inhaler much easier.

VORTEX Einhand Bedienhilfe

Push the one-handed operation aid onto the back of the VORTEX.

Slide the one-handed operation aid backwards and forwards to align it so that the top of the aid can lock in place over the metered dose inhaler. The position of the one-handed operation aid may vary from one MDI to another.

Since the MDIs do not have a standardised shape or size, it may sometimes happen that the MDI cannot be triggered using the one-handed operation aid. In this case, operate the VORTEX and the metered dose inhaler without using the one-handed operation aid.