Besides prescription medications* you can find over-the-counter saline solutions for inhalation at your pharmacy. These are natural and very well tolerated. A distinction is made between isotonic and hypertonic saline solutions.

Isotonic saline solutions with a salt content of 0.9% are ideal for prevention and supporting treatment of cold infections. They moisten the airways and help to clean the mucous membranes of viruses and bacteria.

Hypertonic saline solutions with a salt content of 1% and more attract water from surrounding cells, and so help to liquefy the mucus in the lung or paranasal sinuses. This makes it easier for the mucus to be transported away and relieves symptoms.

You can see our range of saline solutions for inhalation here.

Substances which are not suitable for inhaling with inhalation devices are cough syrups, gargling solutions, balm preparations or drops used as ointments or in a steam bath. With these preparations, there is a danger that the effect of inhaling them is so strong that undesirable side effects may occur. Furthermore, preparations of this kind are often sticky and viscous, and may clog the nebuliser nozzle, for example.

* Always ask your treating doctor about the application of medications. They are familiar with your diagnosis and will select the correct medications and prescribe the necessary dosage. Your pharmacist will also be glad to help you with any questions you have about your medications.