Inhalation with the eFlow®rapid

Inhalation with the eFlow®rapid

Preparing and performing inhalation with the eFlow®rapid nebuliser system

eFlow inhale correctly step 1

Wash your hands thoroughly.


eFlow inhale correctly step 2

Clean the nebuliser handset and aerosol head before the first application.

All parts must be completely dry before they are assembled.


eFlow inhale correctly step 3

Insert the aerosol head (1) into the openings on the medication reservoir and place the inspiratory valve (2) onto the aerosol chamber. Take care not to touch the membrane (curved metal surface in the centre of the aerosol head). Attach either the mouthpiece, the SMARTMASK Baby with bend, the SMARTMASK Kids or the adult SMARTMASK.

eFlow inhale correctly step 4

Connect the nebuliser handset and controller with the connection cord (4). The controller can be powered by either mains or batteries.


eFlow inhale correctly step 5

Add the inhalation solution or medication and attach the medication cap. Warning: Check that all parts are connected tightly and that the medication reservoir is sealed.

eFlow inhale correctly step 6

Sit upright in a relaxed position and pick up the nebuliser handset.


eFlow inhale correctly step 7

Put the mouthpiece between your teeth and close your lips around it.


eFlow inhale correctly step 8

Switch on the device. A beep indicates that the device has started.


eFlow inhale correctly step 9

Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply through the mouthpiece. Hold the mouthpiece in your mouth while breathing out as well. Hold the nebuliser horizontally.

If using a mask, place it over your mouth and nose, applying light pressure for a snug fit. Ensure that the nebuliser handset is horizontal.

eFlow inhale correctly step 10

The controller switches off automatically once no more aerosol is generated. The inhalation session has ended.


eFlow inhale correctly step 11

At the end of the treatment session about 1 ml of the medication (must be discarded) remains in the handset. This is normal and ensures that the dose of medication is correct.

Always observe the instructions for use

Always observe the instructions for use when using, cleaning or disinfecting your eFlow®rapid nebuliser system.

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