HOW DOES PARI CREATE VALUE... new aerosol therapy development projects for pharmaceutical partners, caregivers, physicians? PARI focuses on a comprehensive approach that incorporates the following aspects:

eFlow Device Platform
Superior performance over other device platforms:

  • Increased compliance due to fast treatments, portability
  • Goal = treatments < 3 minutes
  • High drug payload
  • Less drug needed in low volume formulations
  • Potential to lower adverse events
  • Targeted or systemic therapies
  • Tight geometric standard deviation (GSD) of droplet distribution
  • As needed, device can be optimized for the formulation and the disease
  • High patient satisfaction

Project Under One Roof

  • Key aspects of drug and device project can be performed at PARI with experienced teams.
  • Multi-disciplinary project teams consisting of experts in engineering and pharmaceutical sciences


  • PARI knows strengths of the device better than anyone.  Knowledge leads to optimized drug + device
  • Years of experience with formulations for eFlow and novel formulation approaches
  • Current drugs can be re-invented or new aerosol therapies can increase value and competitive edge

Track Record

  • PARI is the Gold Standard in Clinical Trials for Nebulized Medications
  • 200+ studies/posters on development topics
  • On-time delivery of devices for Clinical Trials

Device Control

  • Supply Agreements ensure supply of devices and involve partner in modifications

Quality Control

  • High reproducibility of the device performance specifications

 Competitive Protection 

  • PARI licenses the above technology exclusively for specific drugs and indications