Based on over 100 years as a successful business, PARI recognizes the future of aerosol therapies lies in the simultaneous optimization of drug and device. This approach is the key focus of PARI Pharma GmbH.

PARI Pharma is part of the global network of PARI Worldwide companies. PARI Pharma optimizes Advanced Aerosol Delivery platforms, such as eFlow, with newly formulated liquid medications. The goal is to produce extremely short and effective treatments that lead to increased patient adherence, symptom control, and an improved quality of life for patients.

By optimizing drug and device under one roof, PARI Pharma increases the speed of development for our pharmaceutical partners due to PARI Pharma’s well established track record with Advanced Aerosol Delivery platforms. Our projects include the re-invention of existing medications and the development of new medications. We are currently working on therapies for lower respiratory applications using eFlow Technology and upper respiratory applications using Vibrent Technology.

Our Core Competencies include:

  • aerosol science 
  • chemistry
  • engineering
  • fluid dynamics
  • industrial design
  • intellectual property
  • device manufacturing
  • pharmaceutical development
  • pharmacology
  • clinical development 
  • business development 
  • project management 
  • quality management
  • regulatory affairs

PARI Pharma continues PARI's tradition of developing high quality, technologically-advanced devices that can be mass produced for worldwide nebulized treatments.