Help the world to breathe more easily!

Great – you've found your way to our Careers section. This could be your first step towards a fascinating career with a medical device and pharmaceutical company. How can we be sure about this? Because we already know PARI. Because we already know what opportunities are available to you here. And because we found out long ago how great it is to work for us. One thing we all share at PARI is a delight in new challenges, in multidisciplinary tasks, open communications and the future of inhalation treatment – whatever team or field we happen to be employed in. On the following pages we hope we'll be able to help you understand our enjoyment in working towards this common goal and our enthusiasm for the development of medical device and pharmaceuticals. What is our job? To improve the quality of life for people suffering from both chronic and acute illnesses. To develop technology allowing people to breathe more easily – to give corporate divisions the right driving force behind them to ensure successful interaction. With you as one of the team? It's up to you.