The nebuliser forms the heart of a nebuliser system and is responsible for the actual fineness and density of the droplets. We distinguish between two basic types of nebuliser: The continuous nebuliser, which functions non-stop, and the interval nebuliser with an interrupter. With the interval nebuliser the patient can press the interrupter button when breathing in, i.e. nebulisation only takes place at this time. The patient does not press the button when breathing out, i.e. nebulisation is interrupted.

Economical drug administration thanks to the valve system

With conventional, continuous nebulisers 50-60% of the aerosol produced is lost when the patient breathes out. Interval nebulisers on the other hand should ideally ensure that hardly any medication is wasted. However, a certain amount of coordination is required for proper usage. Breath-assisted continuous nebulisers (e.g. PARI LC SPRINT Nebuliser), which are equipped with a valve system, are nonetheless highly efficient: they reduce the loss of medicine when exhaling considerably (up to 25-30%).

Increased aerosol delivery during inhalation

Continuous nebuliser with valve system (e.g. PARI LC SPRINT Nebuliser)

  • High aerosol output
  • Minor losses during exhalation
  • Short inhalation times