The PARI Group

The PARI Group

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PARI is an independent company which has been in private ownership since 1906. Under the umbrella of PARI Medical Holding, several business segments are organised into the following subsidiaries:


Develops and markets products for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases of the upper and lower airways.

PARItec GmbH

Manufactures premium quality medical/technical devices. Services include the production of inhalation devices and nebulisers, the construction of precision tools, high-quality plastics and injection-moulding engineering, and automated manufacturing technology.

PARI Pharma GmbH

Manufactures medicinal products and inhalation devices which use eFlow® technology. A core area is the development of optimised drug & device combinations by forming licensing partnerships.

PARI Respiratory Equipment, Inc.

A trusted partner in providing clinically proven respiratory devices and drug/device combinations to patients, healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies in the USA, Canada, and Latin America.

Research & Development

Research & Development:

Innovations for the airways

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PARI Production


Manufacturing to the highest standards

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PARI – available worldwide

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