How to use a nebulizer

How to use a nebulizer

Useful tips on how to use nebulizers at home to help achieve your health goals.

Sit back and relax

Using a nebulizer is easy. Find a comfortable place to take your treatment. No special breathing technique is required, just sit back and breathe normally. The time it takes to complete your nebulizer treatment varies for each person.

How do Nebulizers Work?

A nebulizer is a small medical device that turns liquid medication into a fine aerosol mist that makes it easy to inhale into the lungs to treat a variety of respiratory conditions.

Important steps to taking a nebulizer treatment

Be sure to read the instructions for use that come with your nebulizer system. These instructions provide important information on how to correctly assemble and care for your nebulizer system to keep it working properly.

After you've cleaned and disinfected your nebulizer, assembled it correctly, and have attached the tubing to the compressor, you are ready to begin your treatment.

  1. Pour the prescribed medication into the nebulizer cup.
  2. Sit in a relaxed, upright position and turn the compressor ON.
  3. Place the nebulizer cup mouthpiece on top of your tongue and close your lips around it.
  4. Breathe naturally through your mouth. If you are using a mask, place the mask over your nose and mouth and breathe naturally.
  5. Take slow, deep breaths.


Using a nebulizer – how long will my treatment take?

Nebulization time is different for each person and depends on several factors, such as a person's breathing pattern, the type of medication, and the amount of medication that needs to be nebulized.

For example, it will take longer to nebulize 4mL of solution than 2.5mL. Also, because PARI's nebulizers are "breath-enhanced" a person that has the ability to take deeper breaths or breathes at a faster rate may have a shorter nebulization time than a person that has slower or more shallow breathing.

Using Nebulizers with Children

Using Nebulizers with Children

Using nebulizers with children requires time, a relaxed environment and sometimes even a soft toy. For the treatment to be successful, a positive experience is key.

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Inhalation Mask or Mouthpiece?

Inhalation Mask or Mouthpiece?

At what age should children start using the mouthpiece for inhalation therapy? In general, children should switch to using the mouthpiece as soon as they can.

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PARI Nebulizer Comparison when used with a Vios Compressor (1.2bar)1

PARI Nebulizer Comparison when used with a Vios Compressor (1.2bar)1Tested with a 1.2 bar compressor. Measured with Malvern MasterSizer X at 50% relative humidity, 0.9% NaCl solution, inspiratory flow 20 liters/minute, continuous nebulization, 23° C, fill volume 2.5 ml.

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