Sinus Infection

Sinusitis and upper airway disease

What is Sinusitis?

The sinuses are hollow cavities in the skull. They are divided into the frontal, maxillary, ethmoid and sphenoid sinuses. All sinuses are filled with air and, like the nose, are lined with a mucous membrane where a fine film of mucus is constantly formed. Their job is to stop dust, dirt particles or undesirable pathogens from entering the respiratory tract.

Upper Respiratory Infection a.k.a. the common cold – a common trigger

The mucus film, along with any particles of dirt that are breathed in are continuously transported towards the sinuses and throat by very fine hairs. This helps to keep this area free of dust and germs. Having a cold can cause inflammation of the mucous membrane. It suddenly produces much more mucus and swells the nasal passage. This can obstruct the fine connections between the nose and the sinuses. The mucus cannot drain as well or cannot drain at all, which causes it to build up and become the ideal breeding ground for germs that can trigger acute sinusitis.

Acute or chronic sinusitis?

Usually sinusitis resolves after a few weeks. There are a variety of factors that determine whether sinusitis, called rhinosinusitis, recurs or develops into a chronic disease. These include the body’s own defense system, predisposition to allergies or anatomical conditions: e.g. nasal polyps or a curved nasal septum.

Care of the upper airways for sinusitis

PARI has been focused for decades on all diseases affecting the airways. Clinically-proven inhalation devices support aerosol delivery to the sinuses. Nebulization to the sinus cavities delivers the solutions or medication prescribed by your doctor directly to the sinuses, where they are needed.

Breathe a sigh of relief. Even with sinusitis

Breathe a sigh of relief. Even with sinusitis.

Find out more about what to watch out for if you have an acute or chronic sinus infection (sinusitis).

More about day-to-day life with sinusitis


What are the signs that you may have sinusitis?

What are the signs that you may have sinusitis?

Do you have facial pain or reduced sense of smell and taste?

Find out more about symptoms and the disease progression

Targeted aerosol delivery

Targeted aerosol delivery

Therapy with PARI inhalation devices offers aerosol delivery to the sinuses.

Find out more about inhalation for sinusitis

Ways to care for your sinuses

PARI offers innovative products for patients with sinusitis that need therapeutic support in their day-to-day lives.

PARI Sinus™

The PARI Sinus™ Pulsating Aerosol System combines efficient nebulization with a vibrating pulse, delivering aerosol directly to the sinuses.

More about the Sinus system

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