Diagnosis of cystic fibrosis – know early on, act in time

With prenatal tests it is possible to know if a baby has cystic fibrosis, even during pregnancy. This test is recommended if there is a justified suspicion – for in-stance, if there is already a child in the family with cystic fibrosis.

The sweat test in new-born infants to diagnose cystic fibrosis

Back in the 1950s, scientists found that the salt content in sweat is elevated in patients with cystic fibrosis. The sweat test has officially been used for the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis since 1959. It can be performed from the third day after the child is born. The sweat is analysed to determine the content of sodium or chloride. If it is much higher than the normal range, there is a strong suspicion that the child has cystic fibrosis. 

Further examinations

In addition to the sweat test, a blood test is also taken Increased values of IRT (immune-reactive trypsin) and PAP (pancreas-associated protein) may indicate that the disease is present. If in doubt, a genetic test can give a definitive answer.

Screening in new-born infants

All new-born infants undergo new-born screening. The aim is to identify genetic metabolic and hormone diseases at an early stage. Early treatment supports the development of the child as much as possible and increases the chances of a longer and healthier life.

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