A diagnosis of COPD…now what? How to improve your quality of life

The diagnosis comes as a shock to you and to those around you: COPD For many, the first question is life expectancy. What’s important is that you do not give up. There are effective treatment options for almost all stages of this lung disease. The combination of individual forms of therapy and measures can go a long way to improving quality of life. And you will regain your zest for life with COPD.

Avoid harmful substances

The first thing is to avoid the harmful substances that trigger the problem, especially cigarette smoke! Stopping smoking is the first and most important step towards improving your life expectancy. This can be accompanied by special drug therapies, depending on the severity of the COPD. Your specialist will give you specific advice on this. Patient training and self-help groups also offer valuable support and useful tips for your day-to-day life.

Living with COPD

Specific sport and exercise

Another important component is exercise and specifically breathing exercises. Respiratory physiotherapy teaches targeted exercises to strengthen the breathing muscles, to relieve shortness of breath and to loosen mucus. In parallel, nebuliser therapy can also help to clear the mucus. People with COPD can also benefit from taking up sport again and enjoying physical exercise, despite their disease. This can also improve performance and self-worth. Joining a “Pulmonary rehabilitation” class is a great way of learning to exercise at the right level for you.

Inhalation therapy is an important component

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Advantages of nebuliser therapy

For asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis and chronic colds alike. Nebulising saline solutions or medication with a PARI nebuliser is an especially effective treatment for the airways.

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