PARI LC PLUS Filter Nebuliser

The PARI LC PLUS is a highly efficient nebuliser chamber which has been used in many clinical trials and is endorsed in the SmPCs of major respiratory drug companies. Consists of the PARI LC PLUS and Filter Valve Set. Can be used to prevent exhaled aerosol getting into the room air.

Item No.: 022G8200


Instructions for use

PARI LC Nebuliser

Instructions for use

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PARI LC family Aerosol characteristics

Aerosol characteristics

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Aerosol characteristics

PARI LC PLUS Nebuliser in combination with the PARI COMPACT Compressor.

Total Output Rate:418 mg/min
MMD:3.9 µm
Mass percentage below 5 µm:64 %

PARI LC PLUS Nebuliser

Instructions for use

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PARI Filter Valve Set

Instructions for use

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PARI Year Packs

For annual replacement of the nebuliser chamber, connection tubing and compressor air filter.

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How to use a nebuliser

Using a nebuliser is easy: Sit upright in front of the device, but make sure you are still comfortable and relaxed. Now switch on the device and take calm breaths.

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PARI Compact2


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PARI BOY® Classic

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